My name is Amy and my nick on
the internet is Noeska. 
To work with Poser  is a great  hobby of mine
cause with the figures in Poser 
I make Tubes en use them in Jasc Paint Shop Pro to create
beautifull pictures and also 
I use the figures to design Websets. 
I design the textures of the websets with Paint Shop Pro. 
You can find a lot of information about
these programs on the internet, 
just look at google for Poser 
or Paint Shop Pro en you will get 
a lot of sites where you can find all
the information you need. 
There are several forums and Clubs where you can 
exchange your knowledge and where you can
find help if you need to.

Lots of Love Noeska (Amy)  



Tutorial for V3 and V4 Secondskin  or  BodyPainting 


Now i making also V3 characters

for myself and textures for Poser and i like to

do Bodypainting and making V3 Secondskinsvery much 





My gallery is at  Renderosity

 especially to work with my own made

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My greatest hobby is to design Websets, 
especially to work with my own made
textures en to see how
I can create several things to become one.
I try as much as I can to work with
figures designed by my.
At most of the websets I worked in the
past with pictures of Renderosity,
because I didnít know how to use the right
program at that time. Click at the link
above and you will get to my site with
the websets I have created. All the websets
are free to use for non commercial use.

I hope you have fun with them.

Lots of love Noeska. 

creation of amy design ©